new Zealand meat

What makes

NZ meat better?

Known as the crème de la crème of red meat, New Zealand dominates the industry. The combination of New Zealand’s passion for farming, the varied climate, and lush pastures make for the very best beef in the world.

Natural, sustainable meat from New Zealand's heartlands

sustainable meat

Natural meat from New Zealand's heartlands

New Zealand’s natural, low-impact farming methods are a stark contrast to the intensive, high-impact systems often used throughout the world, particularly when it comes to beef. Our beef is grass-fed and 100 percent pasture-raised, which is simply how we do it here in New Zealand. While as Kiwi’s we may take this for granted, we believe our formula for raising animals is the recipe for success.

100% grass fed

Grass fed- what does it really mean?

Grass-fed red meat has been shown to be leaner and have higher percentages of the desirable fatty acids when compared to grain fed. We ensure that our meat is sourced from animals that are guaranteed hormone and antibiotic free.

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Beef cut

Discover the rich flavors of our premium New Zealand beef cuts, sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle.

Lamb cut

Experience the succulent tenderness of our finest New Zealand lamb cuts, raised in pristine pastures.

Natural meat

Hormone and antibiotic-free meat

Raised in a relaxed and natural setting, our cattle freely wander and graze throughout the year as they naturally should. We are among the lowest global users of antibiotics, and we are proud to say all Polarcold beef and lamb is hormone and antibiotic-free.

We are famous for our meat being rich in taste, texture and flavourfully nutritious, featuring on menus around the world as the premium choice.