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New Zealand largest farmer owned world-class meat processing Co-operative

About us

Our farmers and operators excel in the paddock to plate philosophy.

Since 1933, the Polarcold stores Limited has established itself as an industry leader in meat processing, providing a unique opportunity to process livestock in ‘state of the art’ processing facilities.

Our facility is located in New Zealand and has the capacity to process 1200 cattle per day and employ over 1000 people from the surrounding region.

Our farmers excel in the paddock to plate philosophy and produce quality product that can be processed and marketed around the world by our dedicated and expert team.

What we do

With a highly skilled team, our unique Co-operative service model provides farmers and operators the opportunity to process, pack and market the finest meat products for New Zealand and the around the World.


Our commitment to sustainability

We believe strongly in the importance of a sustainable Co-operative in order to meet the changing expectations of the community, consumers, our customers and all stakeholders.

Our products

Beef & lamb

Our Polarcold facility is recognised as one of New Zealand leading red meat food processors.

Our primary focus is to provide customers with an efficient meat processing facility, utilising our highly trained workforce and specialised equipment in order to service all major domestic and global markets.

Discover Authentic Grass-Fed Flavor.

Discover exquisite Halal-certified beef and lamb sourced from New Zealand’s lush pastures, ensuring humane treatment, no drugs, hormones, or antibiotics for exceptional flavor and quality.

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Our commitment to sustainability

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