7-bone export ribs

The export rib or whole bone-in ribeye is one of the more prized cuts on the steer. It offers superb flavor, great tenderness, and a remarkable presentation when slow-roasted on the bone (a standing rib roast, aka Prime Rib).

Meat from the ribeye has a bold, beefy flavor that needs no sauce to be delicious. It’s often served simply seasoned with salt & pepper, though sometimes horseradish cream is served as an accompaniment or rubs are applied prior to cooking.

This cut is sold cover off & short cut – the fat cap is removed and the bones are cut short enough to fit in an oven. The chine and featherbone are removed as well, making it ready to slice without the use of a saw. Slice & French the bones for cowboy steaks before cooking or roast whole or as portions, then slice for service. “7-Bone” refers to the number of bones included (essentially the length of the cut).